So much has already been written about the Equifax breach that this post might seem superfluous. However this report from Bloomberg caught my eye, because it talks about the costs and legitimate gains made as a direct result of the Equifax breach.

You would expect Equifax's stock price to be hit - and it was, by 15% on the day of the breach, and 20% overall in less than 5 days. And there are now reports of a $70 billion collection of class action lawsuits , which dwarfs the Equifax market value of $17 billion on $3 billion in annual revenue.

On the other hand, LifeLock,  part of Symantec, has seen a surge in new business, and they are happy to help customers who are now very worried about how their stolen personal data might be used by cyber criminals.

I am sure this is not the end of the story, so check back for more as it unfolds.