iPhone and iPad users regularly ignore update messages, whether for iOS or apps. It is not often that security researchers declare an iOS vulnerability to be serious and this is one situation where you should update your iOS devices as soon as possible. Once executed, the exploit could leak authentication credentials stored in memory to the attacker, including Wi-Fi passwords and any credentials the target is using in the browser, such as website and email logins.

The update is simple and takes no more than 5-10 minutes, depending on the speed of your network connection. Here is my suggestion:

1) Connect to a Wifi network. This will save your precious mobile data.

2) Plug your iOS device into a charger, especially if it has less than 50% battery charge left.

3) Prepare a nice cup of artisan coffee.

4) Start the update from the Settings->General->Software update menu (look for iOS 9.3.3).

5) Kick back and wait for Apple to do its magic.

Remember to take update requests seriously. In this case, details on all 43 flaws addressed in 9.3.3 can be found on Appleā€™s advisory .